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import time
from watchdog.observers import Observer
from watchdog.events import RegexMatchingEventHandler
import os

def on_created(event):
    print(f"{event.src_path} has been created")
    os.system(f"git add {event.src_path}")
    os.system(f"git commit -m '{event.src_path} created'")

def on_deleted(event):
    print(f"Delete {event.src_path}!")
    os.system(f"git commit -m '{event.src_path} deleted'")

def on_modified(event):
    print(f"{event.src_path} has been modified")
    os.system(f"git add .")
    os.system(f"git commit -m '{event.src_path} modified'")

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # create the event handler
    ignore_patterns = [r"^.+/\.git.*"]
    ignore_directories = False
    case_sensitive = True
    my_event_handler = RegexMatchingEventHandler(ignore_regexes=ignore_patterns, ignore_directories=ignore_directories, case_sensitive=case_sensitive)

    my_event_handler.on_created = on_created
    my_event_handler.on_deleted = on_deleted
    my_event_handler.on_modified = on_modified

    # create an observer
    path = "."
    go_recursively = True
    my_observer = Observer()
    my_observer.schedule(my_event_handler, path, recursive=go_recursively)

        while True:
        print("Observer Stopped")