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Saving / Recording / Streaming

There is a save button that converts the state of bitrhythm into a url paramter. This means there is an upper limit on how much code you can write, making it useful for demoscene like situations. You can share the url with tinyurl.

You can also download the file. Please keep a backup!

I use BlackHole to record audio from the browser window to Reaper. There is however a huge performance hit while recording the video, especially if there is WebGL. I recommend an HDMI capture card with a loop out to record the video output into another computer and simultanously see it. This is the recommended setup by twitch streamers.

Have a distinct sound at the start to match both audio and video for easy syncing between the two.

  • Opening developer tools might slow down the execution a bit
  • Using excessive delays and reverbs seems to cause some glitches
  • Mobile browsers don't work properly
  • Firefox does not seem to work well with tone.js