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Help: /sqlar

The "/sqlar" page:

Generate a ZIP or SQL archive for the check-in specified by the "r"
query parameter.  Return the archive as the HTTP reply content.

If the NAME contains one "/" then the part before the "/" is taken
as the TAG and the part after the "/" becomes the true name.  Hence,
the following URLs are all equivalent:


Query parameters:

  name=NAME           The base name of the output file.  The default
                      value is a configuration parameter in the project
                      settings.  A prefix of the name, omitting the
                      extension, is used as the top-most directory name.

  r=TAG               The check-in that is turned into a ZIP archive.
                      Defaults to "trunk".  This query parameter used to
                      be called "uuid" and the older "uuid" name is still
                      accepted for backwards compatibility.  If this
                      query parameter is omitted, the latest "trunk"
                      check-in is used.

  in=PATTERN          Only include files that match the comma-separate
                      list of GLOB patterns in PATTERN, as with ex=

  ex=PATTERN          Omit any file that match PATTERN.  PATTERN is a
                      comma-separated list of GLOB patterns, where each
                      pattern can optionally be quoted using ".." or '..'.
                      Any file matching both ex= and in= is excluded.