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Help: ls

The "ls" command:

Usage: fossil ls ?OPTIONS? ?PATHS ...?

List all files in the current checkout.  If PATHS is included, only the
named files (or their children if directories) are shown.

The ls command is essentially two related commands in one, depending on
whether or not the -r option is given.  -r selects a specific check-in
version to list, in which case -R can be used to select the repository.
The fine behavior of the --age, -v, and -t options is altered by the -r
option as well, as explained below.

The --age option displays file commit times.  Like -r, --age has the
side effect of making -t sort by commit time, not modification time.

The -v option provides extra information about each file.  Without -r,
-v displays the change status, in the manner of the changes command.
With -r, -v shows the commit time and size of the checked-in files.

The -t option changes the sort order.  Without -t, files are sorted by
path and name (case insensitive sort if -r).  If neither --age nor -r
are used, -t sorts by modification time, otherwise by commit time.

  --age                 Show when each file was committed.
  -v|--verbose          Provide extra information about each file.
  -t                    Sort output in time order.
  -r VERSION            The specific check-in to list.
  -R|--repository FILE  Extract info from repository FILE.

See also: changes, extras, status