# Bootstrap Colorpicker [Bootstrap Colorpicker](https://github.com/farbelous/bootstrap-colorpicker/) is a modular color picker plugin for Bootstrap 4. [![Build Status](https://img.shields.io/travis/farbelous/bootstrap-colorpicker/master.svg?style=flat-square)](https://travis-ci.org/farbelous/bootstrap-colorpicker) [![npm](https://img.shields.io/npm/v/bootstrap-colorpicker.svg?style=flat-square)](https://www.npmjs.com/package/bootstrap-colorpicker) ## Install You can get the latest version in many different ways: - Downloading [a ZIP file from the releases](https://github.com/farbelous/bootstrap-colorpicker/releases) - Cloning using Git: `git clone https://github.com/farbelous/bootstrap-colorpicker.git` - Installing via NPM: `npm install bootstrap-colorpicker` - Installing via Yarn: `yarn add bootstrap-colorpicker` - Installing via Composer: `composer require itsjavi/bootstrap-colorpicker` Note that the `dist` files are only distributed via the NPM and Yarn installations. For the rest methods, you will need to generate the files initializing the project with `yarn install` and then building the code using `npm run build`. ## Versions
Colorpicker version Compatible Bootstrap version Dependencies
  • jQuery >= 1.10
  • Bootstrap CSS (input addon)
Bootstrap 4
  • jQuery >= 2.1.0
  • Bootstrap CSS (input addon, popover)
  • Bootstrap JS Bundle (popover)
Note that the plugin may work without Bootstrap if your code is not using any of the mentioned Bootstrap dependencies. ## Basic example ```html

Bootstrap Colorpicker Demo

``` ## Contributions * [Issues](https://github.com/farbelous/bootstrap-colorpicker/issues) * [Pull Requests](https://github.com/farbelous/bootstrap-colorpicker/pulls) * [Milestones](https://github.com/farbelous/bootstrap-colorpicker/milestones) * [Planned Features](https://github.com/farbelous/bootstrap-colorpicker/projects) This project exists thanks to all the [people who contribute](https://github.com/farbelous/bootstrap-colorpicker/graphs/contributors). Please read [CONTRIBUTING](https://github.com/farbelous/bootstrap-colorpicker/blob/master/.github/CONTRIBUTING.md) before sending a pull request or issue. ## License The MIT License (MIT). Please see the [License File](https://github.com/farbelous/bootstrap-colorpicker/blob/master/LICENSE) for more information. ## Credits Written and maintained by [Javi Aguilar](https://itsjavi.com) and all other contributors. *Based on Stefan Petre's color picker (2013).* *Thanks to JetBrains for supporting this project.*