Help: /webmail

The "/webmail" page:

This page can be used to read content from the EMAILBOX table
that contains email received by the "fossil smtpd" command.

Query parameters:

    id=N                 Show a single email entry emailbox.ebid==N
    f=N                  Display format.  0: decoded 1: raw
    user=USER            Show mailbox for USER (admin only).
    user=*               Show mailbox for all users (admin only).
    d=N                  0: inbox+unread 1: unread-only 2: trash 3: all
    eN                   Select email entry emailbox.ebid==N
    trash                Move selected entries to trash (estate=2)
    read                 Mark selected entries as read (estate=1)
    unread               Mark selected entries as unread (estate=0)