Help: backoffice

The "backoffice" command:

Usage: backoffice [OPTIONS...] [REPOSITORIES...]

Run backoffice processing on the repositories listed.  If no
repository is specified, run it on the repository of the local checkout.

This might be done by a cron job or similar to make sure backoffice
processing happens periodically.  Or, the --poll option can be used
to run this command as a daemon that will periodically invoke backoffice
on collection of repositories.


   --debug                 Show what this command is doing.

   --nodelay               Do not queue up or wait for a backoffice job
                           to complete. If no work is available or if
                           backoffice has run recently, return immediately.
                           The --nodelay option is implied if more than
                           one repository is listed on the command-line.

   --poll N                Repeat backoffice calls for repositories that
                           change in appoximately N-second intervals.
                           N less than 1 turns polling off (the default).

   --trace                 Enable debugging output on stderr