Help: comment-format

The "comment-format" setting:

Set the default options for printing timeline comments to the console.

The global --comfmtflags command-line option (or alias --comment-format)
overrides this setting.

Possible values are:
   1     Activate the legacy comment printing format (default).

Or a bitwise combination of the following flags:
   0     Activate the newer (non-legacy) comment printing format.
   2     Trim leading and trailing CR and LF characters.
   4     Trim leading and trailing white space characters.
   8     Attempt to break lines on word boundaries.
  16     Break lines before the original comment embedded in other text.

Note: To preserve line breaks, activate the newer (non-legacy) comment
printing format (i.e. set to "0", or a combination not including "1").

Note: The options for timeline comments displayed on the web UI can be
configured through the /setup_timeline web page.