Help: rebuild

The "rebuild" command:

Usage: fossil rebuild ?REPOSITORY? ?OPTIONS?

Reconstruct the named repository database from the core
records.  Run this command after updating the fossil
executable in a way that changes the database schema.

  --analyze         Run ANALYZE on the database after rebuilding
  --cluster         Compute clusters for unclustered artifacts
  --compress        Strive to make the database as small as possible
  --compress-only   Skip the rebuilding step. Do --compress only
  --deanalyze       Remove ANALYZE tables from the database
  --force           Force the rebuild to complete even if errors are seen
  --ifneeded        Only do the rebuild if it would change the schema version
  --index           Always add in the full-text search index
  --noverify        Skip the verification of changes to the BLOB table
  --noindex         Always omit the full-text search index
  --pagesize N      Set the database pagesize to N. (512..65536 and power of 2)
  --quiet           Only show output if there are errors
  --randomize       Scan artifacts in a random order
  --stats           Show artifact statistics after rebuilding
  --vacuum          Run VACUUM on the database after rebuilding
  --wal             Set Write-Ahead-Log journalling mode on the database

See also: deconstruct, reconstruct