Help: ticket

The "ticket" command:

Usage: fossil ticket SUBCOMMAND ...

Run various subcommands to control tickets


      -l|--limit LIMITCHAR
      -R|--repository FILE

    Run the ticket report, identified by the report format title
    used in the GUI. The data is written as flat file on stdout,
    using TAB as separator. The separator can be changed using
    the -l or --limit option.

    If TICKETFILTER is given on the commandline, the query is
    limited with a new WHERE-condition.
      example:  Report lists a column # with the uuid
                TICKETFILTER may be [#]='uuuuuuuuu'
      example:  Report only lists rows with status not open
                TICKETFILTER: status != 'open'

    If --quote is used, the tickets are encoded by quoting special
    chars (space -> \s, tab -> \t, newline -> \n, cr -> \r,
    formfeed -> \f, vtab -> \v, nul -> \0, \ -> \\).
    Otherwise, the simplified encoding as on the show report raw page
    in the GUI is used. This has no effect in JSON mode.

    Instead of the report title it's possible to use the report
    number; the special report number 0 lists all columns defined in
    the ticket table.

  fossil ticket list fields
  fossil ticket ls fields

    List all fields defined for ticket in the fossil repository.

  fossil ticket list reports
  fossil ticket ls reports

    List all ticket reports defined in the fossil repository.

  fossil ticket set TICKETUUID (FIELD VALUE)+ ?-q|--quote?
  fossil ticket change TICKETUUID (FIELD VALUE)+ ?-q|--quote?

    Change ticket identified by TICKETUUID to set the values of
    each field FIELD to VALUE.

    Field names as defined in the TICKET table.  By default, these
    names include: type, status, subsystem, priority, severity, foundin,
    resolution, title, and comment, but other field names can be added
    or substituted in customized installations.

    If you use +FIELD, the VALUE is appended to the field FIELD.  You
    can use more than one field/value pair on the commandline.  Using
    --quote enables the special character decoding as in "ticket
    show", which allows setting multiline text or text with special

  fossil ticket add FIELD VALUE ?FIELD VALUE .. ? ?-q|--quote?

    Like set, but create a new ticket with the given values.

  fossil ticket history TICKETUUID

    Show the complete change history for the ticket

Note that the values in set|add are not validated against the
definitions given in "Ticket Common Script".