Help: user

The "user" command:

Usage: fossil user SUBCOMMAND ...  ?-R|--repository FILE?

Run various subcommands on users of the open repository or of
the repository identified by the -R or --repository option.

   fossil user capabilities USERNAME ?STRING?

       Query or set the capabilities for user USERNAME

   fossil user default ?USERNAME?

       Query or set the default user.  The default user is the
       user for command-line interaction.

   fossil user list
   fossil user ls

       List all users known to the repository

   fossil user new ?USERNAME? ?CONTACT-INFO? ?PASSWORD?

       Create a new user in the repository.  Users can never be
       deleted.  They can be denied all access but they must continue
       to exist in the database.

   fossil user password USERNAME ?PASSWORD?

       Change the web access password for a user.